Sunday, July 24, 2016

Knowledge about Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Knowledge about Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
In summer, the sun glare, the streets and lanes of sunscreen products also began to fire up. Can not only block the ultraviolet rays, protect the skin and eyes, but also play a decorative role. But in the selection of Oakey sunglasses in addition to considering the appearance of dress, has not considered the benefits of wearing cheap Oakley sunglasses? Choosing the wrong fake Oakley sunglasses? Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital Director of traditional Chinese medicine,  Oakley sunglasses selection is also a stress, learn to point skills in order to type and health care.
Middle school physics we have learned the spectrum, in simple terms, we see the visible wavelength range is 380~780nm, for this part of the light, the role of cheap Oakley sunglasses is to reduce the light through, to reduce the glare of the summer. For the part of the wavelength range that we don't see, that is, the ultraviolet rays, which have an effect on our eyes, are much bigger than the sun's light. The eyes, of the UV exposure time long, easily lead to cataract, macular degeneration and other eye diseases and chronic, sometimes in a short period of time appeared the symptoms of eye pain, photo phobia, decreased visual acuity, corneal edema. So, in the summer, a pair of discount Oakley sunglasses is needed to ward off light and ultraviolet light.
UV protection is an essential function of Oakley sunglasses, it has nothing to do with the lens color and light transmittance, generally by coating to achieve, usually with the following 3 express ways:
1 mark "UV400": this means that the lens can be blocked at the wavelength of 400nm below the ultraviolet and visible light; as long as the UV light through the lens is less than 2%, even if qualified;
2 marked "UV", "anti UV": this means that the lens can block the 380nm below the UV; as long as the UV light through the lens is less than 2%, even if qualified;
3 marked "100%UV absorption": This indicates that the lens has a 100% absorption of ultraviolet absorption function; but in fact, through the lens of the ultraviolet radiation is less than 0.5%, even if qualified.
In the case of other factors, the choice of UV protection sunglasses, you can buy in accordance with the above 3 points. But in general, the tag will indicate the Oakley sunglasses.
Sunglasses and not just be cool to play handsome accessories. It is also the special tool to protect the eyes from injury, in fact, the function of cheap Oakley sunglasses is far more than these, you just didn't know.

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