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Choose the perfect size of cheap Oakley sunglasses online

Choose the perfect size of cheap Oakley sunglasses online
When picking Oakley sunglasses online, there will be some data for your reference. Do you have any idea what these data stands for? In fact, these data are a simple description of the size of the cheap Oakley sunglasses. Just like the data in the logo of a dress we buy.  The size of cheap Oakleys may be strange to you, so let’s have a glance at it listed below:
Refer to the size shown in the tag
The size of Oakley sunglasses is made in accordance with the standard, just like the frame, there will be tag showing the basic info about the sunglasses hang in the arm or the logo for you to choose. For example, 53, 16-130, means that the frame size is 53mm, and the nose bridge size 16mm, while the arm size is 130mm.
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Refer to the size of the previous purchase
When choosing cheap fake Oakley sunglasses, if do not know the size, you can refer it to the provided size chart, generally there will be a size chart in the listing for your reference and it you can measure the size of your previous sunglasses with a ruler and buy the same size sunglasses(if the previous one suits you well).
Try the discount Oakley sunglasses in the off-line store
The most simple and effective way to choose a best size is to go to the local store and try the sunglasses on until you find the best one. Besides, you can also see if the sunglasses fit your face.
Generally speaking, the size of sunglasses in Europe and America is larger than that of domestic sunglasses. If it is designed for Asians, the size is more suitable for Asian people. In the purchase of cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses, in addition to pay attention to size, style, you also need to care about the quality, only qualified sunglasses have a good anti UV effect.
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To choose the cheap fake Oakley sunglasses according to your skin color
Yellowish skin
If you belong to the yellow skin, then avoid all yellow frame, or you will be very sad to find that you can be such yellowish, of course, this is not what we want to see. So, the color yellow should try Oakley light color frame like pink, red coffee, silver, white and so that the skin doesn’t look more yellow.
Reddish skin
If you are a slightly reddish skin, ray, light green, blue frame will be ideal frame color for you to reduce skin red and also make your skin look more white and ruddy.
Pale skin
If your skin is too white, I won’t recommend you use a black frame,Oakley black frame will only make you look unhealthily white, I would suggest you use coffee, wine red, pink, this will allow you to show the beauty of health.
Dark skin
If your skin color is dark, I would suggest that you use bright color frames, which are better than wine red and blue. These colors should have a good effect, and will show a low-key gorgeous.
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