Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wear cheap Oakley sunglasses to prevent the harmful ray when going out

With the popularity of Oakley sunglasses , more and more people choose to wear a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses to prevent the harmful ray when they go out. However , not everyone can wear the sunglasses. There are some people who are unsuitable. What’s more , there are also some announcements need to be noticed. Now , let us begin to learn some important knowledge together.
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  Glaucoma , when we wear the fake Oakley sunglasses , the visible light which enters into our eyes will reduce and pupil will largen naturally. This variation of pupil can not affect the ordinary people. However , it is harmful for the patients with glaucoma. This variation will enhance the obstacle of aqueous humor which is in their eyes. What’s worse , it is very easy to induce the acute glaucoma. And there will be some bad symptoms. Such as , headache , nausea , vomiting , eyesight drops sharply and their eyes will become red. So , the patients with glaucoma and the suspected patients with glaucoma should not wear replica Oakley sunglasses.
  Achromate , there will not be a lot of impact for the achromate to wear a pair of knockoff Oakley sunglasses. But some achromates can not distinguish several colors. If they wear fake Oakleys , it is more difficult for them to distinguish the colors.
  Nyctalopia , it is similar to the achromate. The sunglasses will not affect the nyctalopia a lot. But under the dim light , the vision will be affected more or less. So , the patients with nyctalopia should not wear sunglasses.
  Epiploitis , wearing sunglasses will aggravate the optic nerve conduction barrier for the patients with epiploitis. Thus , it will affect the recovery of the disease.
  Ok , after we learn the people who are unsuitable to wear discount Oakley sunglasses. Now , we are going to talk about the unsuitable sunglasses.
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  First , the cheap Oakley sunglasses which can not prevent the ultraviolet ray completely. The good quality Oakley sunglasses can prevent the ultraviolet ray more than 99%. The lens which is marked UV400 can prevent the ultraviolet ray 100%. The remaining ultraviolet ray will damage our eyes.
  Second , the sunglasses which are not be marked the category. In this way , the customers can not understand its use. In the end , the effect will not be very fine.
  Third , the lens which doesn’t meet the requirements. When the fake Oakley sunglasses are impacted by the external force , the debris does huge harm to people’s eyes. So , we should choose the high-end lens!

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