Sunday, November 26, 2017

The fake Oakley sunglasses can change the weather

Fake Oakleys for Sale Online ,Oakley 2017 Cyber Monday Hot Sale. Buy best Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses with Wholesale Price. Top quality Fake Oakley Sunglasses Imitation Outlet Cheap.The fake Oakley sunglasses can change the weather. When sunlight shot into the room of Dr. Wu for the 3651 times, his heart can not help but excited, he can finally out in ten years, time flies, he experienced a lot, now he can finally out of the prison, and his aides do test together.
"If there is a machine that can control the weather and let the weather change with its own requirements, that would be great," he sighed. So when he got home, he called up his assistants and started the study.
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"If the machine is too heavy, it's obviously not in line with demand, and it's better to be an Oakley sunglasses machine, which is not only sophisticated but also easy to use, but it's obviously a little difficult." Aides said. He was the first to know that the doctor had come out of prison.
So they made a fake Oakley sunglasses can change the weather, as Dr. Wu told a few acquaintances are the result of time, this time to a man, he took a Oakley sunglasses, he said to Dr. Wu: "I heard that you will change the weather recently invented a sunglasses, do you sell one for us, we pay $5000,?" Dr. Wu thought for a moment and thought that he could not do anything wrong with knockoff Oakley sunglasses, so he agreed.
To his surprise, only three days later, a lot of people came to buy cheap Oakley sunglasses because it was snowing, and Dr. Wu agreed. After a f few days of selling a dozen Oakley sunglasses, he became a millionaire. Wholesale Oakley sunglasses, sold more than 500, and continued mass production.
Just after five days, Yunnan will sent the waters, and open the floodgates, from morning to night, under the 10 days in a row, the water began to spread to other places, Dr. Wu feel something was wrong, he went to Yunnan with assistant. When he got to Yunnan and looked at the sky, he immediately decided that it was his cheap Oakley sunglasses. So, he began to use the machine to destroy Oakley sunglasses, finally, those sunglasses are destroyed, but I don't know is which one report the case to the government, as a result, the government ordered the: Dr. Wu production Oakley sunglasses can change the weather, and buying and selling lead to the use of flood in Yunnan, he destroy all Fake Oakleys lens fine of 200000 yuan, in custody for a month as a punishment.
Dr. Wu sighed, "Why does my invention be used by the bad guys?"
The next day, he went back to his familiar prison, a familiar room.

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